Underwriting lenders, building owners, investors, and prospective purchasers need current information concerning the physical condition of commercial buildings. CBC performs equity-side due diligence evaluations for clients nationwide. Whether it is a PCA for mortgage financing purposes or to determine immediate repair and maintenance costs, a baseline Property Condition Assessment provides a detailed report identifying physical deficiencies and cost estimations for financial and strategic consideration. The “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments,” in accordance with the ASTM 2018-15, is used to evaluate current construction conditions. CBC’s experienced building assessors conduct thorough walk-through surveys. Then they return to the office to report in detail, the site-specific issues every lender, owner, or potential investor needs to know.

Property Condition Assessments


Brickell Ave Multi-Use office, hotel, residential.
Miami, FL

You can expect the outcome of the PCA to be summarized in a detailed, lengthy Property Condition Report (PCR), that identifies system-by-system, all issues, and recommendations concerning deferred repairs and maintenance. This narrative, written with concise descriptions and assessments, includes supporting photographs and documentation. Other associated items in the PCR include cost tables with data, repair costs, and estimations. Expected Useful Life (EUL) and Remaining Useful Life (RUL) for all site systems, such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical, elevators, escalators, and roofing, are detailed in the PCR that CBC provides for every Property Condition Assessment. This professional report, the PCR, specifically outlines the physical deficiencies of the building site, including drainage, paving, curbing and parking, retaining walls, and other exterior surfaces. The building site “envelope” evaluation includes all exterior windows and walls. Structural considerations, such as the foundation and framing examinations are reviewed; Life Safety and ADA access evaluations are conducted, along with a review for code compliance, air quality, and other pertinent items. CBC is thorough, often alerting clients of unknown deficiencies.

Property Condition Report


Acura of Tucson, AutoNation Dealership
Tucson, Arizona
Baywood Apartments - Yarmouth, Maine
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