Greg Trotter, President

Core Competencies

Commercial Building Consultants (CBC) focuses on clients and their needs by striving to provide assurance, insight, and confidence. Our strength in experience and meticulous approach to each and every project sets CBC apart from competitors.

CBC provides a clear approach and methodology to projects by integrating a schedule, an outline of tasks, and an implementation plan for all deliverables. CBC works directly with clients to develop a broad understanding of their goals and future intentions with the project. Our firm integrates the information and data gathered to perform an analysis of the overall facility conditions and identify multiple means of correction. This permits our clients to utilize the report in support of funding decisions for investors and stakeholders.

CBC offers an array of curated consulting services for our clients throughout the U.S. and Internationally, focusing on aiding each client to better understand and pinpoint their specific needs while assembling a plan to execute those needs. CBC utilizes technical expertise and a client-first culture to not only deliver a superior service, but to provide each client with the one-on-one experience they deserve.

Corporate Office

590 N Semoran Blvd

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​541350 - Building Inspection Services

541330 - Engineering Services

541690 - Other Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

926150 - Regulation, Licensing, and Inspection Commercial Sectors








Certified Inspector/Trainer - FEMA


  • Proven Experience with over 70 years of combined expertise in both Commercial and Governmental consulting, due diligence, and assessment services.

  • Assured Client Responsiveness providing direct focused services in all aspects of the project in a comprehensive and efficient manner.

  • Mitigating Risk and Offering Building Solutions to identified challenges on properties and projects, resulting in awareness and investment optimization for our clients.

Past Performance

Name: City of Wildwood Community Centers

Scope of Work: Performed Facility Condition Assessments, including evaluation of all building systems, and opined on the facilities’ abilities to withstand seasonal hurricane-force winds. CBC developed a Replacement Reserve Schedule for the City.


Name: City of Orlando Fire Station No. 6

Scope of Work: Performed a Facility Condition Assessment, that included review of all as-built construction plans and blueprints, and iteratively designed a report that would suit GOAA’s needs of the report. CBC also developed a Replacement Reserve Schedule.

Name: Heritage Landing CDD - World Golf Village

Scope of Work: Performed a Facility Condition Assessment for a 1,154-home community with premium amenities. CBC developed Replacement Reserve Schedules for the CDD.

Name: Multi-Family Maple Portfolio

Scope of Work: Performed Property Condition Assessments on an 8-property portfolio located throughout Georgia, Florida, and Texas. CBC conducted and completed each site visit and report within three (3) weeks of being contracted for the work.

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590 N Semoran Blvd . Orlando, FL 32807


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