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A Facilities Condition Assessment (FCA) is very similar to a Property Condition Assessment (PCA) but is focused more on properties that are currently owned by the client. Building owners need current information concerning the physical condition of their commercial buildings. CBC performs evaluations on these buildings for clients nationwide providing a detailed report identifying physical deficiencies and cost estimations for financial and strategic consideration. The “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments,” in accordance with the ASTM 2018-15, is used to evaluate current construction conditions. CBC’s experienced building inspectors conduct thorough walk-through surveys of the buildings to better understand their condition. CBC not only assesses the building but also obtains information on the building's past maintenance schedule and any problems that may have occurred throughout its history. CBC then produces a report in detail, opinioned upon the site-specific issues the owner needs to know to plan for the future of the building.

Facility Condition Assessments


Acura of Tucson, AutoNation Dealership
Tucson, Arizona
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