To be the best advocate for buildings, so the buildings can best serve their owners and occupants.


Commercial Building Consultants, LLC (CBC) believes in the radical commitment that we must first serve the building before it will ever serve its owner or occupants. Our motto "Devoted first to the Building" has led us to become the nation's foremost authority in property consultation by paying attention to every possible thing, that could possibly be important.

We produce property assessments so revered that potential owners consider it the final word on whether to continue  with a project or not. CBC's word is trusted far beyond the common, debt-side assessments that banks use. Trusted as a must-have consultation, CBC delivers absolute assurance, insight and confidence to decision-makers. Before moving on with a project at all, and if so-how to best profit from it-the final whispered question is always, "What did CBC say?"

Meet The Team

Highly knowledgeable and exceptionally personable, our team utilizes technical expertise and a client-first culture to not only deliver a superior service, but to provide each client with the one-on-one experience they deserve.

Commercial Building Consultants, LLC.

590 N Semoran Blvd,
Orlando, FL 32807

Phone: (407) 447-5881  

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Commercial Building Consultants

590 N Semoran Blvd . Orlando, FL 32807

407.447.5881 .

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